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A Heap Of Leaked Horizon Multiplayer Alpha Footage Has Appeared Online

Forbidden Test

The Horizon series has certainly been the subject of some pretty wild content leaks recently, with an early alpha build of the recent Horizon Forbidden West having been shared online late last year, and now another in-development alpha making its way to Reddit in the form of some very early test footage of the upcoming Horizon multiplayer game.

Long-rumoured but officially revealed by Guerrilla in job listings last December, the Horizon multiplayer project was loosely described as a cooperative online experience with the studio saying, “A new internal team is developing a separate online project set in Horizon’s universe. Featuring a new cast of characters and a unique stylised look, Friends will be able to explore the majestic wilds of Horizon together.”

I’m not sure what we were all thinking when it came to the idea of a “stylised look” for the game, but if the 10-plus minutes of leaked footage now all over the internet are any indication, it’s… a bit odd. Granted, the reason that we’re seeing a bunch of rough-looking character models plonked in a watered-down version of the series’ existing look is more likely due to this build reportedly being from 2020 than a true suggestion of its final aesthetic. Take a look for yourself:

[deleted by user]
by in horizon

It’s hard to glean much from the footage, which is very clearly in early stages and doesn’t contain much that would indicate the overall gameplay flow, but fans have spotted the options for joining PC or PlayStation games so at the very least it might prove to be a cross-platform project.

Concept art showing a much more fully-realised visual style for the game has also surfaced:

Horizon Forbidden West’s next major content addition is coming in the form of the PS5-exclusive The Burning Shores expansion in April, not long after a new entry in the series comes exclusively to PlayStation VR2 in the form of Horizon Call of the Mountain on February 22nd.