Concord’s Price Has Been Revealed Thanks To The Aussie PlayStation Store

Not bad, good price.

It seems as though PlayStation was happy with the way Arrowhead’s hugely-popular Helldivers 2 was priced in the market, because it’s next big upcoming multiplayer shooter, Concord, is following suit.

First revealed via the Australian PlayStation Store of all places, the game is priced identically to Helldivers 2 with a $59.95 digital standard edition and a $94.95 Digital Deluxe Edition.

The digital deluxe version of the game will come with 16 character skins, and up to three days early access to the game which officially launches on August 24th for PS5 and PC, while pre-orders in general earn a “Monarch Pack” DLC and early beta access for a group of up to five players. It’s also been confirmed that new heroes, game modes, maps and worlds, and weekly cinematic vignettes will come at no additional cost.

It’s clear that this sort of pricing worked wonders for Arrowhead’s game when it launched earlier this year, making it much more accessible and better reflecting the scope of the game, though the actual fun of gameplay and novel community engagement around Helldivers 2 are arguably what helped it sell in the tens of millions of copies. The jury will obviously be out on Concord in that regard until it drops.

In case you missed the gameplay reveal trailer for the “multiplayer hero shooter,” Concord, which is in development at Firewalk Studios, during the latest PlayStation State of Play, you can see it below:

From the official store description:

Assemble your crew of Freegunner space outlaws and team up online with friends for thrilling 5v5 PVP modes across the galaxy in Concord.

Concord is a new team-based first-person shooter for PS5® and PC1, where you have the power to be the game-changer for your team. Handpick your personal roster of Freegunners from the crew of the Northstar – a group of misfits, outlaws, and adventurers working as guns-for-hire.

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From powerful mystics and towering robots to skilled gunslingers and helpful healers, each Freegunner of the Northstar crew brings their own unique skills, personality, and abilities that cater to a wide-range of playstyles.

Create your own custom squads of Freegunners to bring an arsenal of different role types to the match or focus on your favorite characters to master their gameplay and unlock unique modifiers, cosmetics, background lore, and more – you decide when to play your characters and how you impact the match.

Each match is a new adventure as you team up with friends online and take on rival Freegunner crews to complete high-stakes jobs across the Concord galaxy in online PVP modes.

As you play, complete daily and weekly challenges from the Job Board to earn progression, unlock new items for your Freegunners, and learn more about the characters, worlds, and factions in the Concord Galaxy with the Galactic Guide. Win or lose, every match offers rewarding progression.

With an array of objective and respawn-based modes with emphasis on teamplay, Concord has six different PVP modes that let you determine the level of challenge you are looking for.

As your journey in Concord unfolds, so will the stories of the Northstar crew. Each week, you will be greeted by new cinematic vignettes that premiere in-game that deliver ongoing narratives that expand upon the characters and their adventures.

The crew of the Northstar and the galaxy of Concord will grow through regular post-launch updates that introduce new Freegunners, game modes, maps and worlds, and weekly cinematic vignettes for no additional cost.

Team up with friends across both PlayStation®5 consoles and PC with seamless online cross-play support.