Playdate Pre-Orders Are Finally Opening Up Next Week And Launch Stock Is Limited

The crank-handled handheld Playdate is a cute little device we’ve had our eye on for some time, and we’re excited that pre-orders are now confirmed to go live next week. The device’s website has declared that July 29 will be the day you’re able to secure one.

As the company is based in the United States and pre-orders open at 10am PT, that means they’ll open on the morning of July 30 at 3am AEST.

It’s also been confirmed that launch stock will be limited to only roughly 20,000 units, which are expected to ship near the end of the year. Orders placed after that initial allotment will ship next year, though Panic has confirmed they’ll scale production based on demand so there’s no risk of missing out entirely.

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Australia is one of sixteen countries the device is confirmed to be shipping to, though Panic is again open to expanding this list down the line.