The Analogue 3D Is A 4K Nintendo 64 Console Coming Next Year That Will Play Original Cartridges

Get it in me.

Analogue, the company best known for creation some incredibly-slick modern versions of classic consoles that use specialty hardware to play original game cartridges without emulation – like the Analogue Pocket – has announced its next big project and it’s a very exciting one.

That’s right, Analogue is about to recreate the Nintendo 64.

Dubbed the Analogue 3D, it’ll sport 4K resolution with original Display Modes, all-region compatibility with legacy N64 cartridges, “reference quality” recreations of specific model CRTs, Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz compatibility along with four original-style controller ports and more all built on hardware designed to give a true retro experience without software-based emulation.

The website for the Analogue 3D also teases its controller redesign, which you can see below (we increased the brightness so you can see a little more of it than intended…):

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The Analogue 3D is slated to launch next year, and you can sign up for notifications on the official web page at

From the official website:

“A reimagining of the N64.
4K resolution.
Original Display Modes.
Reference quality recreations of specific model CRT’s and PVM’s.

“The first and only aftermarket solution supporting 100% compatibility in every region. USA, EU & JP.

“Coming in 2024.”