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These Gorgeous SEGA Mega Drive x ANICORN Watches Are Launching Next Week

Got a spare $1,200?

SEGA and watchmaker ANICORN WATCHES have announced a new collaboration, bringing out a series of incredibly-cool watch designs based on the iconic SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis console.

The Limited Edition Mega Drive/Genesis Watch launch features a trio of designs, each based on a regional variation of the console with the original Japanese Mega Drive, the PAL Mega Drive (that’ll be familiar to us here in Australia) and the USA’s SEGA Genesis – with the different versions of the watch being made available to their respective regions.

The watches have taken a lot of inspiration from the console’s top cover and use original fonts and embellishments that SEGA fans from way back will instantly recognise. Each comes in a “console” box as well, containing a metal numbered plate and tailored booklet of the legendary SEGA machine.

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These watches are set to launch at 1AM on Wednesday, December 6th (yes, the same time as the GTA 6 trailer drops) but keen punters can sign up to ANICORN’s mailing list and get a secret “ROM Cartridge code” to get early access, provided you’re ready to drop $800 USD (around $1,200 AUD) on one: