Multiple Xbox One models reportedly upcoming

Kotaku has reported that three separate sources have revealed that Microsoft is currently preparing multiple new Xbox models to be released in 2016 and 2017. The sources state that Microsoft is currently setting up plans for the future of the Xbox division, which include the pursuit of a partnership with Oculus on its roadmap and annual hardware revisions/upgrades for the Xbox platform.

The former model to be released later this year is reportedly a smaller version of Microsoft’s current hardware for the Xbox One, which would also include a 2TB hard drive, which is double the current amount of storage available. The second model, codenamed “Project Helix” would be the first larger-scale revision of the Xbox One platform, which would include a more powerful GPU.

Microsoft has yet to comment on these reports, but with E3 coming up next month it’s likely that we’ll hear about some of Microsoft’s plans quite soon.

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