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Xbox Series X Exclusive The Medium Has Been Refused Classification In Australia

Kotaku is reporting that the first true Xbox Series X/S exclusive, The Medium has been Refused Classification in Australia.

As Kotaku states, the game was listed on the Australian Classification Board and hit with a Refused Classification rating.

There’s every chance that this could be rectified before launch, with five weeks still to go (the game is set to launch on December 10th) but as it currently stands, The Medium wouldn’t be able to hit retail shelves. Bloober Team told Kotaku that they’d be “working on that today and tomorrow” in response to questioning about the refusal of classification. Kotaku has speculated that this could be something simple such as filling out the IARC form incorrectly (and online platform used to submit digital games for approval).

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The game is also set to release on Xbox Game Pass, so it’s unlikely that we won’t see it get a release in Australia.

You can read Kotaku’s full story about the classification refusal here. 

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