Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X Is Readily Available Right Now So Get Around It

Never a better time!

If you’ve been pining for Microsoft’s supercharged tower of a gaming machine, the Xbox Series X, and you’ve missed the boat on restocks to date then we have good news.

The Series X stock situation seems to be levelling out of late, and we’ve seen a pretty consistent flow of stock coming through. Right now, for example, you can pick one up at more than one local retailer without so much as a crowd to push through or a scalper to hand over double the asking price. If you’re ready to drop 749 dollarydoos on a shiny new gaming machine you’ve got the below options:


Ever our go-to shopping destination for gaming gear, Amazon currently has the Xbox Series X readily in stock with free delivery promised before Friday, September 30 (depending on your location). That’s only a week away! Get around it here:

Alternatively, the Xbox Series S is also on special at Amazon right now along with some essential accessories:

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Microsoft Store

Or if you’d rather go the official route, the Microsoft Store also has the console available with free delivery in presumably a similar timeframe. Take a look here:

Likewise you can grab a bunch of the essential accessories from Microsoft as well, including the new and cheaper Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 Core:

The Xbox also just got a big September software update adding a bunch of neat features, read about that here.