Overdose Gameplay Foorage

The First Gameplay Footage Of Kojima’s Horror Game OVERDOSE Has Leaked


The first whispers of Hideo Kojima’s upcoming horror game, OVERDOSE, which is rumoured to be an Xbox Cloud exclusive leaked online months ago, and we now know that it was the below gameplay footage that was sighted by certain internet leakers that led to the leak.

The footage has appeared in really bizarre circumstances where it appears to be a video that was originally uploaded to YouTube, and is then being viewed on a laptop, and filmed from a mobile phone, with the man filming very clearly visible at the end of the footage.

The gameplay footage shows off Margaret Qualley (Mama from Death Stranding) in a blue dress walking through some kind of abandoned house. The end of the footage zooms in on her screaming before a GAMEOVER screen is shown up which quickly becomes OVERDOSE, a Hideo Kojima game.

It’s believed that the footage is from play testing. Kojima has been teasing something on socials for weeks now, but it’s unclear if it’s OVERDOSE or Death Stranding 2. It’ll likely be revealed at The Game Awards next month.

We’ll keep you posted as we know more.