Starfield’s Xbox File Size Has Been Revealed And It’s Pretty Hefty

But you can pre-load it now... sort of.

In news that is unlikely to surprise anyone at all, Starfield will require a fair chunk of your Xbox console to install and play.

Bethesda’s interstellar action RPG, with all of its 1000 planets and many hundreds of thousands of lines of dialogue, has been confirmed by the Xbox website and console store listing to take up a not-insignificant 125GB of storage – the same number that we reported it would require on PC (with an SSD as mandatory).

In comparison to some other, and in some cases admittedly far less ambitious, titles out there it’s actually not the worst offender. It’s smaller than Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Cyberpunk 2077 on console, smaller than numerous Call of Duty games and even NBA 2K23 and Gran Turismo 7 by a a pretty wide margin. Still, 125GB is nothing to sniff at especially for those rocking the current model of Xbox Series S with its 512GB of storage.

Keen players are also able to start pre-loading the game on Xbox, although that’s not as exciting as it sounds. While it would be nice to get the jump on that big ol’ download and maybe, just maybe have it ready to go by the game’s September 6th release date on Aussie internet, it’s actually just the typical ~300MB placeholder file that seems to be the norm for Xbox pre-loads along with an added 10MB file for the “Old Mars Skin Pack.”

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Starfield launches on September 6th for Xbox Series X|S and PC and will be included with Game Pass from day one. You can pre-order the Digital Premium Upgrade on Amazon or the Xbox Store if you have Game Pass and want to get started five days early on September 1st, as well as pick up the other versions of Starfield below: