August Games With Gold

The Last Ever Xbox Games With Gold Have Been Revealed

Goodbye, Gold.

This is it, folks. We’re at the end of Xbox Live Gold’s 18-year run and over a decade of the Xbox Live Games With Gold benefit that saw Gold subscribers get access to a small selection of bonus games every month as part of their subscription.

Xbox Live Gold is soon being replaced by Xbox Game Pass Core, which gives players the same online benefits in combination with some of the inclusions of the higher Game Pass tiers, including a smaller, curated library of games to download and play – replacing the Games With Gold benefit. That makes August the last-ever month for users to nab a couple of freebies from their Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, and although some might have expected Microsoft to end it all with a bang, it’s pretty standard stuff:


  • Blue Fire: Available August 1st to 31st
  • When the Past was Around: Available August 1st to 31st


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Roam by day, survive the night. Darkwood is a different type of survival horror game that builds tension through slow-burn atmosphere without relying on jump scares. While the sun is out, explore an open world of the corrupted woods to scavenge weapons and materials. Once the sun dips, you’ll need to hole up surrounded by whatever traps and barriers you can build and pray you can hide from or fight the creatures that emerge in the dark. Good luck making it through the night with your body and mind intact.

When the Past was Around

Discover the touching and bittersweet love story of Eda and Owl. Unlock the puzzles in a beautifully rendered point and click adventure with hand-drawn art and a magical score that will stick with you for days. This is a calming, meditative game that reflects on love and loss in a surreal world made up of disjointed rooms from memory and time.

Games With Gold - August