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These Starfield-Themed Seagate Game Drives Are Out Of This World

*Space Chef's Kiss*

Seagate has revealed a new range of officially-licensed Starfield Game Drives and Game Hubs, designed for Xbox and Bethesda-approved.

Featuring exclusive an art wrap that commemorates Starfield and its striking visual identity and Constellation iconography, along with the requisite customisable RGB lighting to match, these drives are not only a great way to make room on your PC or your Xbox Series X/S console’s internal storage to make room for Bethesda’s upcoming RPG epic (at a cool 125GB install size, you’re going to need it), but they also just look super schmick.

There’ll be a Starfield Game Drive in both a 2TB and 5TB capacity, along with a Game Hub in an enormous 8TB capacity available, with pre-orders kicking off on August 18th in Australia and wider availability at local retailers starting September 6th – the same day that the game itself launches. Here’s what you can expect to pay for each:

  • Seagate Starfield Special Edition Game Drive for Xbox 2TB – $179
  • Seagate Starfield Special Edition Game Drive for Xbox 5TB – $309
  • Seagate Starfield Special Edition Game Hub for Xbox 8TB – $419
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seagate starfield

These drives join the likes of other Starfield-themed goodies for fans to collect, like the Starfield Limited Edition Xbox Series X/S Wireless Controller and Starfield Limited Edition Xbox Series X/S Wireless Headset.

Starfield launches on September 6th for Xbox Series X|S and PC and will be included with Game Pass from day one. You can pre-order the Digital Premium Upgrade on Amazon or the Xbox Store if you have Game Pass and want to get started five days early on September 1st, as well as pick up the other versions of Starfield below: