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Lies Of P Is Out Now On Xbox Game Pass


Lies of P, the hotly-anticipated new Soulslike from Neowiz that puts a new steampunk spin on the classic The Adventure of Pinocchio, is now available for Game Pass members to download and play. Although the game’s release date is technically today in Australia, the drop onto Game Pass was actually a touch earlier than expected, as signalled by a post on X from Aaron Greenberg:

The game’s inclusion on Game Pass at launch is a great get for anyone curious about this Bloodborne-esque experience but unsure of dipping their toes into a Soulslike joint, although our review scored it a huge 8/10 and painted a very positive picture, saying “Lies of P takes a bit to get going but once it does it’s an absolute joy to play. While as challenging as you’d expect from a game channeling Bloodborne, its minor improvements help make the experience ever so slightly more accessible.”

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We were also lucky enough to chat to the folks at Neowiz about how the game came to be, why The Adventure of Pinocchio was chosen as the setting and what being on Game Pass might mean for Lies of P’s hopes for success. You can read that here.

If you’re keen on checking out Lies of P, you can get installing right here via Xbox Game Pass.

And of course, Lies of P is also available as a full purchase on Xbox and PC as well as PlayStation. Take a look at our dedicated Bargain Guide for the best deal.