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It Looks Like Xbox Design Lab For Consoles Is In The Works

Make your own official custom console!

Thanks to poorly-controlled court documents that literally anybody can download and access, not only have Microsoft’s plans for a mid-gen refresh of both the Xbox Series X and Series S and a brand-new design for its Xbox Wireless Controller leaked, but as noticed by VGC it also mentions potential plans to bring Xbox Design Lab to console hardware.

The files were picked up by Resetera, where a link to the PDF uploaded by the US courts was found to have a ton of attached slides containing the unannounced information. It’s a genuine treasure trove of super-early information that we’re sure Microsoft didn’t want out there, but the proverbial cat has well and truly left the bag.

We won’t link to anything directly here, but within the documents that have leaked, the mention of Xbox Design Lab comes up quite a bit in reference to the new Xbox hardware refreshes, specifically called out against the new version of the Xbox Series X, codenamed Brooklin in its standard variant but carrying the codename of Uther for its Xbox Design Lab counterpart. Likewise, the revised controller, codenamed Sebile, carries the alternate moniker of Igraine for its Xbox Design Lab version.

Further down in the document, it’s mentioned that Xbox Design Lab for consoles is not yet in the “funded” stage, so plans could very well change between now and when this new hardware all launches. You can read more about the Xbox console and controller leaks here, and a leaked schedule of Bethesda releases over the next few years here, all from the same court document kerfuffle.