Xbox’s Gorgeous Shift Controllers Are Coming To Xbox Design Lab


Xbox has revealed that its Shift controller series, which started with the Aqua Shift in 2021 and has extended to new colourways since with the Lunar Shift and Stellar Shift, is making its way to Xbox Design Lab.

Users will be able to customise their very own controller using the Shift design top cases, which includes a brand-new Cosmic Shift option which looks stunning in its white-pink, shimmering, shifting tones.

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Cosmic Shift is entirely exclusive to Xbox Design Lab, which Xbox describes as, “Beginning with the ocean and culminating in deep space, the Cosmic Shift encapsulates the endpoint of this grand journey through the universe. The white-pink shimmer is perfectly subtle, reminiscent of a star-filled nebula, providing a unique aesthetic for you to get your hands on.”

You can find all of these in Xbox Design Lab right here.