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Here’s How You Can Start Playing Forza Motorsport Early Including Via Xbox Game Pass

Get out in pole position.

It’s hard to believe it’s finally happening after all these years, but the revolutionary next entry in the Forza Motorsport franchise is nearly here. Turn 10’s radically overhauled racer technically arrives next week on October 10th for Xbox Series X|S and PC – but like many modern AAA releases, it’s also going to be made available even earlier for those eager enough to slap down a bit of extra cash on a fancier edition of the game.

The Forza Motorsport Premium Edition is, as the name suggests, a souped-up version of the game that comes with a bunch of extra goodies. It’s got a bunch of extra cars for you to fang around its meticulously-detailed tracks thanks to the Race Day Car Pack, Car Pass (30 cars delivered to your game weekly, one per week), VIP Membership and Welcome Pack and it also grants players up to five days earlier access to the game itself, starting this week on Thursday, October 5th.

Given that Forza Motorsport will also be available on its October 10th launch day for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, there’s also an offer for those who’ll be playing via their Game Pass membership but also want all of the extra content and early access. Similarly to Starfield and other recent first party Xbox Studios games, a special digital Premium Edition upgrade is available for $59.95 that grants all of the extra goodies and will also be playable starting October 5th for those who have an active Game Pass subscription at the time.

How Can Play Forza Motorsport Early With The Premium Edition?

As above, players can get into Forza Motorsport as early as October 5th with the Forza Motorsport Premium Edition, which grants up to five days early access (depending on how soon you purchase it) on top of a bunch of extra digital goodies. A Premium Edition Upgrade version can also be purchased at a significantly reduced price for those who have an active Xbox Game Pass subscription to access the base game.

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You can find all three flavours of Forza Motorsport on the Xbox Store right here:

Amazon also sells digital codes for Forza Motorsport Premium Edition and the Premium Edition Upgrade, as well as a physical copy of the game:

When Does The Forza Motorsport Premium Edition Unlock In Australia?

According to the Xbox Store and Windows Store, Aussie players will be able to get racing via the Forza Motorsport Premium Edition as early as October 5th at 12AM AEDT. No waiting for global time zones for this one to unlock, it seems!

When Does The Forza Motorsport Standard Edition Unlock In Australia?

Unlike the Premium Edition, the standard version of Forza Motorsport looks to be unlocking based on global time zones, meaning Aussie players will have to wait until 11AM on launch day, October 10th, to start playing the digital/Xbox Game Pass version of the game.