Minecraft Dungeons Re3view

Minecraft Dungeons Support Has Officially Ended After Racking Up 25 Million Players

Dungeon, crawled.

Mojang has revealed that Minecraft Dungeons, which was revealed almost exactly five years ago and launched in May 2020, has officially reached a milestone of over 25 million unique players.

The game, which puts a dungeon-crawling spin on the Minecraft universe and puts players on a single-player or cooperative adventure to ride the Overworld of the influence of the dark Orb of Dominance, has enjoyed a healthy few years of life bolstered by its place in the Xbox Game Pass library and plenty of post-launch content and updates from developers Mojang and Double Eleven.

That support has sadly come to an end though, with an official announcement that as of the most recent 1.17 update for the game, the teams have moved on to other projects with no further features or content updates planned. Minecraft Dungeons will continue to be playable both online and off, and rotating content will keep going, so it’s not the end of the End, but it’s doors barred on anything brand-spanking-new going forward.

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The note from Mojang on the official Minecraft website reads:

“Minecraft Dungeons began as a passion project, inspired by our love of classic dungeon crawler games and reimagined as a completely new Minecraft experience. But it was the love of our players that made it grow and thrive, allowing us to continue the adventure and venture further into the Nether, the End, and eventually the mysterious Tower. It exceeded our wildest dreams, and it makes us both proud and grateful for having had the pleasure of building a game together with a community like this one.”

At launch, we scored Minecraft Dungeons a 7.5/10, saying “Bar a rather unexciting story, a little lack of nuance in the combat and a couple of misgiving regarding couch co-op, there is a hell of a lot to love and enjoy about Minecraft Dungeons. Rather miraculously, it’s managed to pull off being both a game for all types of Minecraft fans and those seeking a challenging dungeon crawler.”