Xbox’s Personalised Year In Review Is Here To Showcase Your 2023 In Xbox Gaming

Achievement(s) unlocked.

Much like PlayStation (and so many other services), Xbox has dropped an annual recap for players to see how – and how much – they played on Xbox in 2023.

This one’s pretty straightforward, giving players a look at their total Xbox game time through the year, the number of games they played, top genres and how much Gamerscore they added. There’s also a look at where you stand in the percentage of players according to hours played, achievements unlocked and gamerscore accrued as well as a breakdown of your most-played titles.

To look at yours, just head to the Xbox Year in Review 2023 web page and sign in with your account here.

How to Access Your Xbox Year in Review

  • Head over to 
  • Log in to your Xbox account to access your personalized 2023 gaming journey
  • Dive into the trends that shaped your gaming experience and bask in the glory
  • Share it with friends and celebrate your year!

Alongside this, Xbox also revealed some interesting numbers around the community in 2023, including that a total of 36,000 games were played this year with players unlocking 4.5 billion achievements for a grand sum of 91 billion gamerscore.