switch year in review 2022

Nintendo Is Doing Its Own Switch Year In Review So Here’s How To Get Yours

Apparently I played a heap of Chocobo GP...

Spotify, Twitch, PlayStation, it seems like every brand out there really wants you to know what you got up to in 2022 (here’s hoping I never have to see one for Uber Eats), and now we’ve got Nintendo on board as well.

The Nintendo Switch 2022 Year In Review website will give you a look back at the last 12 months of gaming on your Switch, showing you your top three most played games, the games you played right after release, which games you came back to after a long break and even gives you the chance to nominate your favourite game of the year to generate a custom graphic for social media.

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switch year in review 2022

The website will then break down which genres you played the most and give you recommendations on what to play next.

Take a look at your own Nintendo Switch 2022 Year In Review right here.