It Sounds Like The Halo Battle Royale Project Has Been Cancelled

Ring out.

It’s been an open secret for some time that developer Certain Affinity was hard at work on a battle royale project set in the Halo univers, codenamed Project Tatanka (believed to be a reference to a former wrestling superstar famous for winning a 40-man battle royale in the 90s) and in development for at least two years with nearly 100 staff.

At one point believed to be tied into Halo Infinite in some fashion, and then potentially evolved in a different direction, that battle royale project has reportedly now been shelved for good. It comes from the XboxEra podcast, where two hosts Jon Clarke and relatively trusted insider Shpeshal_Nick have independently claimed as much.

“I got the DM about it last week,” Nick says in confirmation with Clarke, “That Tatanka’s been cancelled.”

Of course, and as the hosts point out, the cancellation being discussed is a rumour on top of another rumour with official confirmation of Project Tatanka/a Halo Battle Royale having never come from Microsoft officially, so whatever is happening behind the scenes of the project (if anything at all) is still a very big unknown.