EB Expo: Xbox One Hardware Impressions – Titanfall, Forza 5 Motorsport & Kinect Sports Rivals


  • Perhaps the most anticipated of all the next generation games and for a reason, won over 60 awards at E3 this year and voted game of the year by the various managers of EB stores throughout the country.
  • Handles smoothly and accurately for both pilots and titans. Free running for pilots is an amazing feature that offers new ways to navigate the world to get the drop on enemies or to escape those targeting you. Titans fit well into the scheme of things and are remarkably versatile considering their size on the map.
  • Excellent variation in weapon outfits that take a futuristic spin on them available for both pilots and titans.
  • 60 frames per second of graphically flawless gameplay.
  • Ok, so this may not be an actual feature of the game but none the less I am quite proud of this. Myself and Editor of Press-Start Shannon came first and second of the winning team against other media members and EA staff in Titanfall.
  • I am not a massive fan of FPS but this game certainly has caught my attention and will be strongly followed up to and after release. For more information on Titanfall take a look at the interview we got with Abbie Heppe from Respawn Studios.

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Forza 5

  • Forza 5 Motorsport looks absolutely incredibly. The dynamic lighting seems to be something that the developers are focusing on. It looks great but slightly unrealistic. I feel that it’s something that will be improved before launch
  • The rumbling triggers were in full force and I must that that they were extremely impressive. They really added a realism to gameplay in the sense that you can really feel every bump.
  • The gameplay is the same as ever. Slightly more arcade than Gran Turismo but still realistic.
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Kinect Sports Rivals

  • Face tracking technique is truly remarkable. Takes about 5 minutes but puts your face into a new HD avatar
  • Tried wake boarding and Rock climbing. Both worked fairly well but not the ideal environment. My main concern is that we will see similar problems as with the first Kinect where you need to be in the perfect environment.
  • The game looks great and when it works it’s truly a magical experience. It felt like a HD wave race which bought back a lot of memories.

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Xbox One Hardware

  • The hardware itself was quite a lot bigger than expected. It looks cutting edge and nice enough for this not to be a problem. I’m guessing that Microsoft went the safe route in order to provide enough amounts of fans in order to prevent a RROD situation that happened with the 360.
  • The controller feels incredible. It does feel a bit different than you’d expect in the sense that the triggers are a lot bigger than on the 360 controller. I suspect that people will be a little turned off by this in the sense that they mould to your hand a lot more. I think that after a few weeks people will find it extremely comfortable.
  • The Kinect 2 is also a lot bigger than I expected and really big in comparison to the Playstation Camera. I suspect this is that it does a lot more function wise. As long as it works as much as Microsoft are saying then I won’t have a problem with the size.