Review: Journey Remastered

JournetStoryYou begin your Journey with a brief scenic introduction showing a vast desert landscape in which every particle of sand is magically glittering from the sun’s warm rays. No words are said, nor will they ever be said. Our introductory view leads us to a single nameless nomad cloaked in a dark red gown and a scarf. With no clear direction or goal; players instinctively push forward to a high point on the sand dunes for a better view of their surroundings. The view opens up to reveal a mountain as tall as the skies and stretching toward the heavens. As a player you now know where you must head, you must scale this goliath mountain. No reason why, no hints that you should, just a gut feeling that grips each and every player.

JourneyPresentationEvery aspect of this games presentation is absolutely flawless. From the moment the game starts, the phenomenal visuals of the landscape will leave your jaw planted on the floor. Time and time again as the landscapes change for better or worse in terms of story, you are still visually enchanted by the amount of detail, wonder and awe at each particle of sand, each glimmer of light or every trickle of water. Instead of going on an on about it, the accompanying pictures should be absolutely more than justify what my words cannot comprehend.Journey1Emotions are charged through your adventure, you will experience euphoric highs and tear jerking lows, with countless goose bumps in between these contrasts. The award-winning soundtrack backs up the amazing visuals to set an absolutely incredible atmospheric journey. The soundtrack plays out the emotional roller-coaster that is Journey to a tee. The overall presentation is easily the best thing about the game and what makes this game a journey that will never be forgotten.

JourneyGmaeplayJourney is a game of experience and wander. You don’t find yourself fending off countless enemies or solve complicated puzzles, you just absorb and take on board what this game has to offer you. To allow the best opportunity for immersion controls are simplified, you can move, walk, jump and sing. Jumping is a basic yet complex component of this game. Throughout your time you will gather cloth parts that extend your nomad’s scarf, in turn extending his jump. Singing will open/interact with some obstacles or can even be used to draw the attention of fellow players.Jorney2Journey allows random matchmaking. You and a nameless player can travel hand in hand as you make your way to the mountains peak. The only form of communication is performed through the sing button. A tool that I feel only enriches the experience of this wonderful game. The less that is said about Journey’s gameplay the better, with every single moment of the game being a new experience that you should enjoy first-hand with no prior knowledge.

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JourneyconclusionJourney was cited as one of the best games of the previous console generation It is the fastest selling game on the PSN and has won countless awards for every box this game can tick, online multiplayer, visuals, audio, gameplay and even more. It really is a no brainer why this game was bought over to the PS4. It brilliantly exposes those who missed out the first time to this inspiring pilgrimage and to let the initiated re experience the emotions of this game that are still probably playing on their mind from 3 years ago.

Journey is an experience that should not be missed, not for any reason. Journey lasts roughly 2.5 hours which is the perfect length for such an experience. It is something that will stick with you as a gamer for years after.

Emotionally thrilling
Short game length packs a great punch
Soundtrack that enchants the ears