All Of Bethesda’s Announcements At E3

After a strange start courtesy of Andrew W.K’s unique style, Bethesda’s conference stuck the landing with a lot of huge announcements. Last year they played it safe, showing us what was coming soon whereas this year they gave us a glimpse right into the future.Let’s get right into the key announcements from Bethesda’s conference.

Bethesda Has At Last Acknowledged Starfield With A Teaser

“To help close out what ended up being a pretty big conference for Bethesda after a rocky start, Todd Howard lifted the lid on Starfield, Bethesda’s first original IP in over twenty-five years.”

Bethesda Have Officially Begun Work On The Elder Scrolls VI

“Todd Howard ended the Bethesda Briefing with a confirmation of The Elder Scrolls VI being in development. The trailer they showed was very brief but had pretty much everything you’d expect from an Elder Scrolls game – billowing chanting, a wide and vast open locale and unbridled scale.”

The Elder Scrolls Enters Mobile Market With Blades

“It looks like a pretty genuine Elder Scrolls experience and, if the presentation is to be believed, it will look amazing running on phones. The game can be played with traditional old-school tap-locomotion like in classic dungeon crawlers, or you can “dual stick” with your thumbs for a more modern approach.”

You Can Get Your Own Freaking Power Helmet In Fallout 76’s Collector’s Edition

“Todd Howard spent some time throwing deep into Fallout 76 and announced that the game would get a very cool collector’s edition.”

It’s True, Fallout 76 Is An Entirely Online Survival Game

“The very decorated Todd Howard took to the stage near the end of Bethesda’s showcase and he had a lot to say about Fallout 76, after a brief turn as a stand-up comedian reminiscing about the history of the convention.”

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Is A Co-Op Experience With Twins

“MachineGames Jen Mathies today announced two new Wolfenstein projects, but the most interesting one is Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Taking place in Paris in the 1980s, you’ll play as one of the Blachowicz twins to take down the French Nazi Force.”

Bethesda Is Bringing The World Of Wolfenstein To VR

“Bethesda have confirmed that they’ll be bringing Wolfenstein to virtual reality with the reveal of Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot.”

Prey Is Taking You To The Moon Today, Getting Multiplayer Later

“Not only that but they’ve been hard at work on Mooncrash, a downloadable content package for Prey which is set on the Moon. It’s an everchanging experience that is different every time you play it, suggesting that it’s procedurally generated as was rumoured.”

Quake Champions Continues To Expand, Gets Free Trial Treatment

“While still in early access, Bethesda today announced that they’d be giving the game a free trial of the game out without any charge from June 10th to June 17th.”

Bethesda Are Taking Us To Hell And Back (Again) With Doom Eternal

“Though the trailer was light on details, scanning over a vicious hellscape, the sight of the Doomslayer was enough to send gamers sliding off their chairs. Members of the team then revealed that they’ve heard what people from a Doom sequel. The Doomslayer will, in fact, be more powerful and the game will feature twice as many demons to deal with.”

Elder Scrolls Online To Continue Into Next Year, Gets New Dungeons

“Zenimax Online today confirmed that they are working on further plans to expand Elder Scrolls Online well into next year, but offered some insights into the newer updates that they’ll be working on throughout the year.”

The Elder Scrolls Legends Is Finally Coming To All Consoles That Matter

“It was revealed during Bethesda’s E3 showcase that The Elder Scrolls Legends is going to be making its way to the consoles that matter later this year, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and, of course, Nintendo Switch.”

Bethesda Have Showcased RAGE 2 With A Bizarre Performance

“Bethesda wasted no time in jumping into their games with their annual showcase, with the first game to be displayed being RAGE 2. Beginning the conference on a kind of weird note, Bethesda brought out Andrew WK to play the song from the reveal trailer live. As the auditorium was filled with bright purple lights, my soul was filled with a dark nebulous void.”