A Closer Look At Batman Arkham Origins

With the announcement of Batman: Arkham Origins behind us now, the agonising pain of the waiting game awaits. Only on October 25th will it come to an end!

Under the helm of Warner Bros Montreal with the strong support of original Arkham developers, Rocksteady. Arkham Origins is shaping up to be one of this years most anticipated games.

What is the publics opinion of the new developers? Although WB Montreal is essentially a new team they do have a list of credible names and games to their various previous teams but are gamers still likely to go out and pre-order or even purchase a game that has been a step up above the rest in terms of licensed games after Rocksteady have the wheel of this highly successful franchise can WB Montreal maintain control and elevate the bar even farther. Personally I believe yes, yes they can!

Origins will follow a younger Bruce Wayne in his early days as The Dark Knight on one particular Christmas Eve. Batman has managed to get on the nerves of crime boss Black Mask and in order to eliminate this new threat Black Mask has put a price on Batman’s head. Assassins and Super villains spanning the entire DC Universe will come together to claim this bounty, not to mention a few members of the local Gotham City Police Department whom are not quite sure of the Dark Knights motive’s.


WB Montreal have stated openly that the tried and true methods of Arkham Asylum/City free flow combat will once again be present, however given the open opportunity WB Montreal are going to add new opportunities and layers opening the option for different approachable tactics during combat. A new gadget named the remote claw has also been mentioned a device with the capability of pulling two objects (or enemies) together for devastating effects.

Being an origin story we can expect a less established and unpolished Batman to be present an example of this is during an interrogation of a thug by which Batman accidently knocks out before acquiring the knowledge needed to continue his investigation as to why Black Mask has put the bounty on his head. Batman’s outfit has also had an over haul, by which he looks to be more assembled. Gathering the various pieces of his outfit and piecing it all together as opposed to his complete uniform.

Taking place in a much larger Gotham than previously seen in Arkham City, doubled to be exact. Travel has been addressed in the form of the Batwing. Unfortunately it is not player controlled but does provide fast travel between locations through a tower system mechanic. Batman must make available through the use of his skills, gadgets and detective work for the Batwing to land. Predator mode will once again be present and the opportunity to install fear in a group of grown men and picking them off one by one will never grow old.


Side missions have once again been made available only this time they are more vital as they provide experience and upgrades for The Caped Crusader, you have the option to hunt down other villains not present in the main story of Origins and to impress the local law enforcement, showing that you stand for justice by aiding Gotham’s finest in their various predicaments.

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Detective mode has undergone a major overhaul, which makes sense as Batman is the world’s greatest detective. Crime scenes can be investigated in a video sense from different angles, the chance to pause play back to find crucial elements in a particular crime and some cases require you to visit other scenes over and over to piece together the more difficult puzzles.

Graphics and detail look as sharp and detailed as ever as a Christmas theme of snow and decorations cover Gotham on this troublesome Christmas Eve. WB Montreal has had plenty of experience with the Arkham franchise, leading the development for the Wii U adaption of Arkham City.

Perhaps the biggest thing WB Montreal are doing differently is the inclusion of multiplayer. Although this still needs to be confirmed. This will be the first entry into the Arkham franchise to feature multiplayer. It is said to be that you can take the role of a member of either Joker’s gang or Bane’s gang and hunt down The Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin. Is this the only type of multiplayer that will be present? Will another game mode be available as well? If all this is true does that mean Robin will be making an appearance in the campaign even though this is Batman’s early days as The Dark Knight?


What has me most interested about WB Montreal’s development of this game is what Rocksteady are up too in terms of production? Their next project has been tightly under wraps, not even a whisper of what their next instalment to the gaming industry will be, and could it be a sequel to Arkham City? Will it be a next generation game? Is it something entirely different? Speculations and rumors have been flowing to the potential sequel of Arkham City and what it may hold for the DC Universe. The inclusion of other DC characters namely The Justice League (Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Shazam, Wonder Woman and Green Arrow) have been tossed up. Is Rocksteady laying the foundations for Warner Brothers and DC Comics to introduce the world on a larger scale and to a broader audience to the Justice League in a bid to compete with rival Marvel comics?

Have the cogs already begun to turn with the production of Injustice: Gods Among Us or the Man of Steel coming to cinemas this June? Can the Arrow TV series play a piece of the puzzle that is ensuring to be competition to the Marvel franchise?

Only time will tell! Until then we can only wait, see and take comfort in knowing that the Dark Knight’s next appearance is coming soon and in very safe hands with the team at WB Montreal.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, not only for Batman Arkham: Origins but also on how DC is piecing together their counter assault to the Marvel franchise!