Capcom Had Its Seventh Consecutive Year Of Record Profits Thanks To Dragon’s Dogma 2 And Street Fighter 6


In a bit of a good news story after this hell week in the games industry, Capcom has just posted its results for its financial year ending March 31st, 2024, and it’s managed a seventh consecutive year of record profits.

The company’s net sales for the year were up a huge 21% over the same period in its FY23, to a record high of ¥152.410 million (around $1.4 billion AUD) and driving its eleventh year of operating income growth at ¥57.08 million (around $550 million AUD). These highs come off the back of 45.89 million units of video game software sold, also an increase year-on-year.

The two big winners in the mix were of course last year’s Street Fighter 6 and this year’s Dragon’s Dogma 2, with a portion of the earnings also being attributed to Capcom’s efforts in licensing its brands to other media, merchandise, esports and of course its arcade operations. The company is forecasting further growth again for it FY ending March 2025, some of which will naturally account for continued income from Street Fighter 6 DLC and the tail of Dragon’s Dogma 2’s launch, which only happened 10 days before the end of the reported period. But perhaps if we believe hard enough it could also be a sign of a very early 2025 release window for something like Monster Hunter Wilds.

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We gave Dragon’s Dogma 2 a massive 9/10 when it launched in March this year, with James writing, “Dragon’s Dogma II embodies the essence of what the original should have been. With its expansive open world teeming with dangerous but delightful encounters, enjoyable combat, and versatile vocations, it’s an enchanting experience from beginning to end.”

James also reviewed and gave a 9/10 to Street Fighter 6 last year, saying at the time, “Street Fighter 6 rights the wrongs of its past with multiple modes for every player and strong battle systems like no other. It invites new players into the fold with well implemented, simpler control schemes, without losing sight of the hardcore player. The World Tour mode won’t be for everyone, but Street Fighter 6 stands tall as one of the best fighters Capcom has made.”