Saints Row Wingsuit

Five Wild Things That You Need To Try In The New Saints Row

Santo Ileso's a playground for chaos


Experience the biggest and best Saints Row playground ever created. Saints Row is out now on Xbox, PlayStation and on Epic Games Store for PC. Buy it HERE.

Volition’s Saints Row reboot is here, bringing with it a welcome return to some of the most ridiculous open-world action you can get in a video game. 

From the streets of Santo Ileso’s city to the arid desert, there’s plenty to get up to in this year’s reboot. If you’re wondering what kind of crazy stuff you can get up to, here’s a small sampling. 

Bunnyhop to the top in insurance fraud

Saints Row brings one of the best minigames from earlier games in the series back. Insurance Fraud sees you throwing yourself about as a ragdoll in order to injure yourself as much as possible within a specific time limit (and earning a bankload of insurance cash in the process). It’s better than ever in this year’s reboot, too, thanks to larger open areas and more carparks to make use of. 

Saints Row Insurance Fraud

Bunnyhopping on exploding cars is easily one of the most enjoyable (and insane) things to do in the game, further proving Santo Ileso is the (insurance) playground of your dreams. 

Hit the ranges and do some flips in your vehicle of choice

Controlling your vehicle while it’s in the air has been refined in Saints Row, giving you unprecedented control over how you’d like to move mid-air. This allows for some of the most ridiculous maneuvers you’ll probably ever see in a vehicle, and there’s a specific range in Santo Ileso that is filled with ramps to really play around with the new movement options. Do a barrel roll, as they say (you’ll also get an achievement for it).

Who needs MX vs ATV when you have Saints Row?

Saints Row

Make use of the towing cable

One of the vehicle customisation options you can equip in Saints Row is a towing cable. This allows you to latch on to almost anything breakable in the world of Santo Ileso, so why not grab hold of a portaloo and take it for a spin? Things, as you’d imagine, can get pretty hectic when you’ve got a hunk of junk trailing behind you, and it’s pretty bloody fun to get some momentum up and swing it at the oncoming set of enemies heading your way.

Saints Row Towing Cable

It’s basically like Fast and Furious, with less Vin Diesel but just as much family. 

Suit up… or suit down

The sheer amount of customisation on offer in Saints Row is pretty mind boggling. You can customise almost every part of your look, from the way your nose curves to the colour of the shoes on your feet. Hell, you can even go for a cosplay-styled, out-of-this-world look if you really want to. Who said you can’t follow your dreams?

Saints Row

In all seriousness, you’re given a lot of freedom in Saints Row to express yourself. And it’s really awesome to fully dive into that fantasy if you want. Wanna be the Wicked Witch of Santo Ileso? Go for it. And while you’re at it, you may as well kit out your vehicle and weapons to match that style, too.

Go from car to wingsuit… just ‘cause. 

One thing I really liked about Saints Row is the challenges the game serves up to you. Completing these challenges unlocks some nice little bonuses for your weapon or vehicle of choice, but none felt more joyful than driving at high speeds, jumping out of my vehicle and then wingsuiting through the streets.

Saints Row Wingsuit

Saints Row is all about the little mayhem you cause by playing around with the tools on offer, and the wingsuit in this year’s reboot is really useful. You can also bounce off of people as you wingsuit through the streets, giving you some more time in the air. Use it to your advantage to swoop in on unsuspecting enemies and take them out in true style.

Volition’s done a great job in providing the perfect playground for mayhem in this year’s Saints Row. There’s so much to see, do and blow up that you’re bound to stumble across some crazy events as you make your way through Santo Ileso. 

Experience the biggest and best Saints Row playground ever created. Saints Row is out now on Xbox, PlayStation and on Epic Games Store for PC. Buy it HERE.