Disney Infinity’s Power Discs Announced

Disney has decided to announce all of the Power Discs that will be available when the game launches. While these are not the figures that you use to spawn characters into the game. These power discs gives you special powers and items in the games Toybox creative mode.


The Discs available at launch are as follows.

  • Alice’s Wonderland Texture Set
  • Bolt’s Super Strength
  • C.H.R.O.M.E’s Armor Shield
  • Carl Fredericksens’s Cane
  • Finding Nemo Texture Set
  • Fix it Felix’s Repair Power
  • Kahn The Horse
  • Mickey’s Car
  • Pirates of the Caribbean’ Pieces of Eight
  • Rapunzel’s Texture Set
  • Stich’s Blaster
  • Wreck-it Ralph’s Sugar Rush Texture Set