The Boys and Girls Are Back in AFL Evolution Trailer

That smell of the fresh cut grass, the pain of trying to wash off the Grippo on your palms. Footy’s back.

Okay, so footy has been back officially for a few weeks now, but as a special Easter treat, Wicked Witch has just given us our first proper look at AFL Evolution in action.

The trailer hits all of the expected beats you’d hope to see in a footy game.

It’s got the big marks, the wild and impossible goals, the Dustin Martin fend-off and the Gary Ablett Jr baulk. While it doesn’t hit anything close to the FIFA presentation benchmark, it’s still a marked improvement over AFL Live 2, Wicked Witch’s first game in the series after taking over from Big Ant Studios.

Another important thing to note is that, as evidenced by the trailer’s tag, the women are getting a run, too. The inclusion of the AFLW in AFL Evolution hadn’t exactly been publicised in any of the game’s press so far, so to see the two grand finalist sides duking it out to close out the trailer is a nice touch.