A ‘The Last Of Us 2’ Mural Has Appeared In Melbourne

This is one that caught me off guard.

A The Last Of Us 2 mural has been spotted in one of the main parts of Melbourne’s RMIT earlier today. housed in a window, the 3D display shows Ellie standing in a run down location. We can tell that it’s Ellie from The Last Of Us 2 based on the fact that she has the same tattoo on her arm that we’ve seen in previous trailers. There’s also some kind of HUD in the top left which resembles the in-game HUD from TLOU.

Whilst I’d be very surprised if this was official (I’m guessing it’s fan art), it’s still pretty cool to have such a big display for the upcoming game in Melbourne.

We haven’t heard anything about The Last Of Us 2 in a while, but it’s likely we’ll see something about it at E3 next month.