A Build Of The Cancelled 2001 Version Of Duke Nukem Forever Has Leaked Online

Who wants some... leaked video game content?

A playable build of the famously-canned 2001 version of Duke Nukem Forever has seemingly leaked and could soon be available for all to download and check out.

As reported on fansite Duke4, a 4chan user known as ‘x0r’ has obtained the build and has been posting screenshot and video evidence as well as claiming that they’ll leak the files (including the editor and full source code) to the wider internet in June.

Those of us who’ve been gaming long enough will recall that the early version of Duke Nukem Forever was scrapped and the game didn’t reappear until 2011 as a whole new title that was completely torn to shreds by critics and fans alike – mostly because it was aggressively shitty.

According to x0r, what’s present in the leaked content from the original version represents almost every chapter of the cancelled game in “some form”, though much of it is just empty test stages and placeholders with little gameplay. One of the game’s directors, George Broussard, took to Twitter to confirm that what’s here does indeed look legit but that fans should be aware it’s just a “smattering of barely populated test levels.”

You can see a portion of the game in action below or head to the original article to see more: