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Apparent Persona 3 Remake And Jet Set Radio Reboot Footage Has Appeared Online

Real or just a shockingly good fake?

Both have been heavily rumoured in the past, but a video of what appears to be leaked footage of a remake of Persona 3 and a new Jet Set Radio game has made its way online and is currently causing a stir within the community over its legitimacy and implications.

The footage reportedly comes from an internal SEGA meeting in 2021, meaning its more than likely part of a presentation on the company’s future portfolio, or something similar. Those on the side of calling this “leak” legitimate are pointing to part of the video – which shows slices of Sonic Frontiers gameplay that look like target visuals as well as containing enemies cut from the final game – and similarities to an earlier Jet Set Radio leak as proof.


Gematsu reports that a potential domain name for the Persona 3 remake has been registered to the same domain provider as the Persona 5 Royal website and was reportedly registered as recently as March 15, 2023.

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Of course, the bigger possibility is that this is a (very well-produced) fan made video based on the ongoing rumours of these projects being in development.

You can see the video in question in the below tweets:

Bloomberg reported early last year that big-budget reboots of both Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio were in active development as part of SEGA’s ‘Super Game’ initiative. SEGA announced this particular push a while back as a plan to spin its world-renowned IP both new and old into Fornite-esque platforms with living communities.

The Jet Set Radio footage included in this recent supposed leak bears a distinct similarity to some artwork that formed another part of early reboot rumours, which was unearthed from a SEGA survey back in 2022. You can see all of that in the ResetEra post discussing this new footage.