netflix drop 01

Netflix’s DROP 01 Showcase Will Feature Castlevania, Scott Pilgrim And Something New From Capcom

What could it be?

Netflix has announced a brand-new showcase it’s calling DROP 01, a livestream event where it’ll feature the worldwide premiere of Castlevania: Nocturne along with new trailers, announcements, “shock drops” and more for a huge number of animations and in particular video game tie-ins.

The headline event will be a complete showing of the first three episodes of the new Castlevania series, and these will be interspersed with a bunch of other goodies and surprises.

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Netflix has already confirmed we’ll see updates and new trailers for shows including Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, Sonic Prime Season 3, Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix, Blue Eye Samurai, PLUTO and Masters of the Universe: Revolution, but between the teaser trailer and a promo image for the event we can also assume we’ll see surprises that could include Tomb Raider, Watch Dogs and something from Capcom.

It’s all happening on Thursday, September 28th at the ripe time of 2AM AEST, so it might be one worth reading up on in the more agreeable hours of the morning.

Watch the trailer for DROP 01 below: