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Disney Speedstorm Has Officially Launched As A Free-To-Play Title

Wishes sold separately.

In case you’ve been holding out for the big day when Disney Speedstorm would race out of early access and turn the corner to its full, free-to-play release – you’re in luck, because now’s the time!

Anyone curious to try out Disney and Gameloft’s take on an arcade racer, featuring iconic Disney and Pixar characters racing through familiar locations, can do so now across PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC at no initial cost.

The free-to-play release of the game, which naturally includes a bunch of “freemium” mechanics involving an in-game currency that costs real money, also coincides with the drop of the fourth season of content, titled The Cave of Wonders and themed on Disney’s Aladdin. You can see a trailer for the launch and new content below:

“Disney Speedstorm celebrates its free-to-play launch by adding a new season to the game! Season 4, “The Cave of Wonders,” is now live! Expect new Aladdin-inspired Racers, karts, cosmetic items, and a new track environment!”

Disney Speedstorm Season 04 – The Cave of Wonders

The new season of Disney Speedstorm includes four new racers in Genie, Jasmine, Aladdin and Jafar along with a new racetrack, Agrabah. The new racers can be unlocked via the following pathways:

  • Aladdin can be unlocked for free via the Season Tour.
  • Genie is unlocked via the premium tier of the Golden Pass
  • Jasmine is unlocked via the free tier of the Golden Pass.
  • Jafar is unlocked for free via a season-long Time Limited Event.

Also newly-added will be two more racers in Hades and Gaston, who’ll appear via dedicated Time Limited Events.

You can learn more about Disney Speedstorm’s free-to-play launch along with the new Season 04 – Cave of Wonders content at the official Disney Speedstorm website right here.