pornhub year in review 2023

Pornhub Has Revealed Its Most-Searched Video Games And Characters For 2023

Single-handedly pushing my boy Sonic up the ladder.

Pornhub, the wider internet’s go-to destination for videos of regular people boning down is, according to its 2023 Year in Review, still also the wider internet’s go-to destination for videos of video game characters gittin’ it awn.

That means that as with previous years, the curious among us are treated to penetrating insight into exactly which video games and video game characters folks are searching for most on The Hub, as well as which gaming devices are most being used to access it.

Likely surprising nobody, PlayStation is once again the winner in the console stakes, with the PS5 being used for 40.1% of all video game console Pornhub viewing (despite the lack of a dedicated web browsing app) and the PS4 just edging it out at 41.6%. Xbox has seen a fair bit of shrinkage in the last 12 months going down to 16.7%, while the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita are sharing the final, sloppy 1.6% of console-based viewership.

Onto the good stuff though, and your winner for Video Game That People Are Most Horny For in 2023 is none other than Fortnite. One can only assume that this is due to late-game surge thanks to the addition of Buff Peter Griffin to the game. Overwatch beat off the competition to once again hold second place in the overall game leaderboard while Minecraft has somehow climbed to the #3 spot. Atomic Heart is a surprise entry in the top five, which I assume has something to do with the horny gun cabinet thing.

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Over to specific characters, and the top three are hugely unsurprising with (Street Fighter’s) Chun Li taking the pearly crown followed by Final Fantasy VII’s Tifa and Overwatch’s D.Va. Disappointingly, Sonic the Hedgehog just missed out on a top five ranking, measuring in at a soft six and with the likes of Ada Wong and Mario hot on his tail.

If you’re interested in a bunch of other stats around the world’s Pornhub use in 2023, you can go ahead and find it all here. Just be warned it’s obviously pretty spicy.