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Here’s A New Look At Final Fantasy 14’s Exciting Dawntrail Expansion


During the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Tokyo, Square Enix has made some exciting new announcements around the hugely-popular MMO as well as its upcoming Dawntrail expansion.

The publisher revealed that the game has now reached more than 30 million registered players globally, with plenty more for players to look forward to in the coming months including Patch 6.55 next week which will contain a number of updates and continuations of storylines as well as the upcoming Open Beta Test for the Xbox Series X|S version of the game which will kick off in February.

The big ticket news is, of course, a fresh look at the massive Dawntrail expansion which is set to launch in Winter this year and will include a host of exciting content and new features like graphical updates, new jobs, new locations, playable race, dungeons and plenty of story to uncover. Square Enix detailed some of what to expect alongside a brand-new full length trailer which also gives us a look at the new Pictomancer job – which looks incredibly cool.

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Check it all out below:

  • New City: Solution Nine – A city of towering facades constructed by an entirely different civilization than that of Tuliyollal. A walkthrough video can be seen here:

  • New Area: Heritage Found – In this region overflowing with lightning energies, thick thunderclouds blot out the sun, while streaks of purple levin illuminate the land day and night.
  • New Raid Series: The Arcadion
  • A New Ultimate Raid: Futures Rewritten (Ultimate)
  • New dungeons – A walkthrough video featuring some of the new dungeons coming in Dawntrail can be seen here:

  • Expansive New Lifestyle Content: Cosmic Exploration
  • New Field Operations – New field operations akin to “The Forbidden Land, Eureka” and “Save the Queen” will arrive in Dawntrail.
  • A New Limited Job: Beastmaster
  • Graphical Update – Improvements to screen-wide aesthetic appeal, higher resolution textures and shadows and improved material qualities.