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Dragon’s Dogma 2’s Character Creator Is Already Producing Incredible Results, Here Are Our Faves So Far

Hardcore Pawns.

Capcom dropped the character creator for Dragon’s Dogma 2’s character creator for free last week, ahead of the game’s impending March 22nd launch, and it’s going really well for them so far if the internet at large is any indication.

Aside from praise for the depth of its customisation options and the stunning detail at which these characters are rendered and with kudos for some better-than-average representation of non-white races, the main draw for Dragon’s Dogma 2’s character creator has naturally been the bevy of famous real and fictional folks being recreated to some pretty wild degrees.

Check out Twitter, Reddit or any number of other places for just a second and you’re sure to find hundreds of these fantastic creations, but we’ve taken the time to pick out just a few we thought were worth highlighting.

First of all it wouldn’t a video game character creator without homages to video game characters being made en masse. There are too many great examples to drop in one article, but I was particularly taken with this Leon from Resident Evil, a version of Zeus from the old-school God of War games and a thoroughly impressive Panam from Cyberpunk 2077:

Even now, as you draw your last breathe, you continue to defy me?
byu/Son-Stevkan inDragonsDogma2

Of course movie stars, and a lot of specific roles from them are making the cut, like this Conan-era Arnie or any number of Keanu Reeves as John Wick renditions:

Danny Trejo will be my main pawn
byu/Tuieras inDragonsDogma2

Classic Shwarzenegger Conan
byu/Hi-Scores0509 inDragonsDogma2

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Even meme cats are getting a feature thanks to the sequel’s newly-playable Beastren race:

Somewhat unexpected, at least to me, was someone’s Dragon’s Dogma 2 take on Chucky and Tiffany Valentine, which would make a great Arisen/Pawn combo:

Chucky (Charles Lee Ray) and Tiffany Valentine
byu/CharacterCreationArt inDragonsDogma2

Even Beyoncé herself has made it in, and just might be my main when the game launches later this month:

Arisen Beyoncé?
byu/KENPACHI_WEST inDragonsDogma2

I may even pair her up with one of anime’s most badass badasses, Afro Samurai, who looks great here:

Afro Samurai
byu/MistyEyedKevin inDragonsDogma2

And, of course, for every person crafting gorgeous original characters or recreating legendary gaming icons, there’s folks like Bajo out here doing… this:

“It’s a sequel, but it’s a sequel to a game that’s barely been touched when it comes to the type of open-world experience it offers. And that’s why the prospect of Dragon’s Dogma II is so exciting – because the original game was so underrated and so special, and now, we’re about to live through all of that again,” James said in his preview of the game.

Dragon’s Dogma II launches for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on March 22nd. You can pre-order it now on Amazon for $99 with free shipping and pre-order price guarantee.