Fortnite Has Been Rated For Nintendo Switch So Prepare Your Squad

It’s always been a matter of when, not if, but it looks like Fortnite is on the way to Nintendo Switch in the very near future.

Just yesterday, we posted a very legitimate looking leak that showed Fortnite would be playable on Nintendo Switch at the E3 show floor, and now the game has been rated on the Korean rating board.

It’s been quite shocking to me that Epic Games has waited so long to release Fortnite on Switch. Wth news such as Pokemon Quest (the free-to-start Pokemon game) hitting one million downloads in two days, one can only imagine how quick the uptake of Fortnite on Switch would be.

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I’m totally expecting Nintendo and Epic to do a reveal at E3 followed by a quick launch onto the eShop. What’s most interesting is seeing whether it’ll be receive some Nintendo goodies. Obviously, there’s a lot of opportunity there in the way of skins (even if they’re paid), so you’d think that Nintendo and Epic would be working closely together.