Nintendo Switch Orion

The ORION Aims To Double Your Nintendo Switch Screen With A Lovely 1080p Display

One of the largest complaints when Nintendo announced the OLED Nintendo Switch earlier this year was the fact that the screen still wasn’t large enough and wasn’t 1080p.

A company is creating a product called the Orion which aims to increase the Nintendo Switch display by 188% with a lovely 1080p display. It seems to work by connecting onto your Nintendo Switch console and then having HDMI and USB-C input to not only keep your Switch charged but export the video to the Orion’s external display. The shell of the device appears to have slots that you can connect the Joy-Cons into.

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The Orion also has a built in battery and dual stereo speakers to improve battery life and sound, so it definitely looks like it packs some serious benefits out of the obvious screen real estate improvements.

The product is currently on Indiegogo and will set you back $349. It’s estimated to start shipping in November of this year.  You can find it HERE.