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The Next Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer Is Coming And Here’s When It Drops For Aussies

Please show us DK, Nintendo!

Nintendo is dropping a brand-new trailer for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie this week, after a fairly successful response to our very first look at the film back in October.

We don’t yet know what to expect to see in the film’s second trailer, but Nintendo has again set expectations for the “Direct” presentation, saying it will feature the trailer only and no additional information about video games.

The premiere teaser gave us a look at characters like Chris Pratt’s Mario, Jack Black’s Bowser and Keegan-Michael Key’s toad, but there are still plenty of names and faces left, including Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong, Charlie Day’s Luigi and Anya Taylor-Joy’s Peach – and if the accompanying teaser image is any indication we’re pretty likely to see at least the latter in this new look.

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You’ll be able to watch the trailer at the below local times on November 30th:

  • 9.00 AM AEDT (Melbourne/Sydney/Hobart/Canberra)
  • 8.30 AM ACDT (Adelaide)
  • 8.00 AM AEST (Brisbane)
  • 7.30 AM ACST (Darwin)
  • 6.00 AM AWST (Perth)
  • 11.00 AM NZDT (Wellington)