Nintendo Has Filed A New Patent That Looks An Awful Lot Like Nintendogs

For mobile devices, though.

Remember Nintendogs? Of course you do. Outside of the likes of Pokémon and anything with Mario’s face slapped on it, Nintendo’s puppy-raising simulator could probably be blamed for a big chunk of the success of the Nintendo DS handheld.

As massively popular as Nintendogs was, it’s all but disappeared since the sequel, Nintendogs + Cats landed on the 3Ds, leaving a pet-sized gap in many gamers’ libraries.

That could be about to change though, if a recent patent filing from Nintendo is any kind of indication of a future for the franchise. The patent, which you can see here if you’re a fiend for legal documents, shows a concept for an AR-enabled mobile app that shows how a virtual dog might be applied to a real-world environment through the camera on a mobile device.

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The patent itself is less about the concept of applying a virtual animal to an augmented-reality environment, which is hardly anything new, and more about the technology powering it providing a faster and more responsive AR experience.


Of course, it’s far from any real confirmation that Nintendo is thinking about a new Nintendogs game, but it certainly makes a lot of sense for the company to leverage such a nostalgia-rich IP for its continued foray into mobile games and AR experiences. As much as I’m sure many fans would prefer a fully-fledged Switch entry, the augmented angle could be just as exciting (and who knows what features Nintendo’s next major console could have?)