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People Are Absolutely Terrorising The Koroks In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been out (officially) for less than three days and already the videos of players’ insane contraptions have started to flood social media. But while most people are happy to let their imaginations guide to craft useful or impressive tools for getting around or combatting enemies, there’s a growing subsection of players that are putting their creativity to use for one thing: Korok murder.

Whether it’s the desire for revenge from those of us who collected all 900 Korok seeds for a shitty reward in Breath of the Wild, or just the immediate realisation upon the game asking you to help one of the little cross between Sky Islands that Korok murder is a possibility*, players are helping Link have his villain origin story in some truly inventive and shocking ways.

*You can’t actually murder them, don’t worry.

To kick us off nice and gently, here’s a Korok Rotisserie machine:

Or how about a Korok on a cobbled-together crucifix?

Oof.. indeed.

Oof… x8

Even @aitaikimochi joined in the Korok-murdering festivities, immediately feeling the guilt:

This vehicle I actually want to have a go in, myself:

This one is just… cruel:

(Don’t ask why the Korok’s on a cross)

There are an alarming number more of these if you venture into the right areas of social media (anywhere that people are talking about Tears of the Kingdom), in case your Korok bloodlust has not been satiated by the above.

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Header image: @Blaghman / @pory_leeks / u/LeRedditBoi