nintendo year in review

Nintendo’s Also Got An End-Of-Year Wrap To Show You How Much Tears Of The Kingdom You Played

And probably other stuff, I guess.

Not to be outdone by both PlayStation and Xbox, Nintendo has also released its end-of-year recap, giving players the opportunity to look back at their year with the Nintendo Switch and all of the immense hours poured into Tears of the Kingdom.

The interactive retrospective will show you things like which game you played first in 2023, how many different games you played and the total hours put into them, which genres you played the most and more. If you’re anything like me, May was your biggest month on Switch. No guesses as to why that might be…

At the end, you’ll also get to choose your favourite of the games you played through the year and generate a series of different cards to share on social media.

To get yours, all you need to do is go to the dedicated Nintendo Year in Review web page and log in to your Nintendo Account right here.