The PlayStation Wrap-Up For 2023 Is Here To Reveal Your Gaming Habits For The Year

Apparently I really, really like Disney Dreamlight Valley...

Just like it has in the last three years, PlayStation has dropped its PlayStation Wrap-Up for 2023.

You can plug your PSN details into the PlayStation Wrap-Up HERE. The process is much the same as previous years (the visuals are excellent, just quietly), although this year you’ll unlock a series of summary cards as you progress through your wrap-up that you can then download and share on social media.

These range from how many games you played this year, to your top games by playtime, your gaming style based on how much time you spent in a particular genre, the total hours you spent playing and of course the trophies you unlocked along the way.

PlayStation Stars is also integrated this year, giving you a look at which digital collectibles you earned. You’ll also earn a special one from completing this year’s PlayStation Wrap-Up.

You’ve got until January 12th to look at your PlayStation Wrap-Up, so check it out here or make sure you’re signed up to PlayStation emails to have it delivered to your inbox.