The LawBreaker Dev’s New Game Is A Battle Royale

Bit of an unexpected one. Boss Key Productions (Cliffy B’s studio) announced last week that they were ceasing development on LawBreakers. LawBreakers was a very fun game, that failed to capture a large audience.

Well, they haven’t wasted any time getting back into the game, launching Radical Heights onto Steam overnight. Radical Heights is a Battle Royale game, that is adopting an X-Treme style of play. It mimics a game show where you’ve got to earn cash and impress the “viewing audience”. The basic premise is similar to other Battle Royale games, but it looks like it’s doing enough of interest to make it worth keeping an eye on.

You can keep cash by performing tasks such as shooting arcade machines, accessing off-shore accounts and locating random spin wheels. You can then use this cash to buy weapons and get various upgrades for the next match.

So far, the game is only launching on Steam (PC) in early access. It’s also free to play.