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Forspoken’s PC Requirements Have Been Revealed And Good Luck To Your Rig

And the PS5 demo has been updated!

A few days ago we reported on the fairly hefty install size for Forspoken on PS5, but the PC version takes it up another notch alongside requiring some pretty beefy specs overall.

Following a trailer highlighting the game’s PC-specific features, the full minimum, recommended and “ultra” requirements for playing the game on PC have been detailed and, while the lowest point of entry isn’t too bad you’re looking at a laughable resolution of 720p at 30fps, with a big jump up in hardware required to get the absolute most out of the game. Check out the spec list below:

To play the game at the “recommended” spec, with a resolution of 1440p and a framerate still at only 30fps the point of entry isn’t terrible, but it’s certainly not overly friendly to anyone who hasn’t upgrade their GPU/RAM in a hot minute, and the “ultra” level that finally gets you 4K at 60fps seems to be asking a lot. The big one for me, I think, is the 150GB storage space required – a huge increase over the PS5 version’s Kraken-compressed 87GB.

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For the effort, PC players do get some pretty compelling features including up to 32:9 widescreen, Auto HDR and dynamic refresh rate on Windows 11 and DirectStorage support for blazing-fast load times on SSDs:

We recently went hands-on with a few hours of the game which you can read about in our preview here, as well as our interview with key members of the Luminous Productions team.

There’s also a demo available on PS5, which the studio has just updated following player feedback with some new features including button mapping and text size adjustments as well as tweaks to the lock-on system and some bug fixes.

Forspoken releases on January 24th for PS5 and PC. Amazon has the cheapest pre-order at $79.99 with free shipping.