counter-strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 Has Been Officially Announced

And a "Limited Test" is on now.

After weeks of pretty substantial leaks and rumours, Valve has officially announced Counter-Strike 2.

A free update to CS:GO, Counter-Strike 2 will be coming mid-year and bring what Valve is calling “the largest technical leap forward in Counter-Strike’s history.”

Starting today, a limited technical test is available for a selection of CS:GO players, with that selection based on values that Valve considers important to testing. The limited test will include just a few of the new features that CS2 is bringing to the table, including a huge overhaul to Smoke Grenades, which are now fully dynamic, volumetric objects that naturally fill space and react to players, objects, gunfire and lighting realistically.


Tick rate, ever a thorn in the side of a CS:GO player, has been updated to “no longer matter” for moving, shooting or throwing with the game employing a “sub-tick” architecture that means that servers will always know exactly when players are moving or firing to make the game feel more responsive and consistent. Lastly, maps have been overhauled with new lighting, physically-based rendering and other features with some maps getting full overhauls and others getting partial upgrades.

Thankfully, Valve has also confirmed that existing player inventories will carry over into CS2 (and look much nicer).

Valve’s released a handful of new videos showing off some of these exciting new features, which you can watch below: