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This PS1-Style Dead Space Demake Is Actually Playable

Dead Pixels.

While this year’s glorious Dead Space remake took the beloved original horror game to new heights with a stunning visual upgrade and greatly enhanced gameplay and storytelling, a fan project that just launched on aims to do the opposite with a PS1-style demake of the game.

We’ve seen plenty of PS1 demakes in the past with games like Bloodborne, Bioshock and even an earlier take on Dead Space, but the special thing about this one is it’s available to download and play right now on Windows PC. It’s an incredibly short playable project, based off of early sections of the game, but it’s well worth checking out to see how creator Fraser Brumley translated the game’s visuals and gameplay to the retro format within the Unreal Engine.

You can grab the very short Dead Space Demake project right here, or check out a 10-minute playthrough below:

“Forget about shooting them in the body, you gotta cut off the limbs. Grab a cutter anything like that. Cut them apart!”

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Dead Space Demake has everything you want and more, from necromorph limb dismemberment to affine texture mapping errors.

You’ve played Dead Space (2008) and you’ve played Dead Space (2023) it’s time to soak in the horrid vibes of Dead Space (1998).

We gave this year’s Dead Space remake a remarkable 9/10 in our review, saying “EA Motive could have taken a path of least resistance in delivering a Dead Space remake, though I’m thankful for everything they’ve poured into what is a tremendous reimagining of one of gaming’s truly iconic horror games. It’s gorier than ever, the story is made whole, encompassing lore elements once merely pieced together by its fan base, and feels like a genuinely fresh twist on the original.”

You can currently pick the game up from Amazon for just $68 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.