A Street Fighter 6 Tournament Accidentally Featured A Nude Chun-Li

Streak Fighter.

I don’t think it’s any secret that since its launch, Capcom’s Street Fighter 6 has garnered a treasure trove of very questionable mods for its PC version. Whether you’re hoping to see what’s underneath all of the elaborate and stylish outfits that Capcom’s artists slaved away on designing and producing for its characters or just curious about what kind of fat hog Zangief is hanging, there’s a nude mod out there for you. I’m not judging.

Just, and I can’t stress this enough, don’t forget to turn off your Street Fighter 6 nude mods before attending a public tournament, especially not one that you’re hosting, and especially not one that’s being streamed on Twitch.

Unfortunately for the people involved with a recent livestreamed Street Fighter 6 tournament, that’s exactly what happened in a match-up between fighters Chun-Li and Kimberley, with Chun-Li appearing sans vêtements and remaining on-screen for quite a few seconds, even beginning to fight before the action was cut short by no-doubt frantic organisers. The commentators in the clip struggle to hold their laughter and clear confusion over what’s transpired. The tournament was hosted by Twitch channel Corner2Corner, which seemingly has escaped being shut down by Twitch thus far but would naturally be at risk after broadcasting a butt-arse naked Chun-Li on its channel.

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You can see the offending clip below, but be warned it obviously contains full-frontal nudity:

We gave the fully-clothed version of Street Fighter 6 a 9/10 in our review, saying “Street Fighter 6 rights the wrongs of its past with multiple modes for every player and strong battle systems like no other. It invites new players into the fold with well implemented, simpler control schemes, without losing sight of the hardcore player. The World Tour mode won’t be for everyone, but Street Fighter 6 stands tall as one of the best fighters Capcom has made.