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Content Warning Has Gone Gangbusters On Steam And A New Update Has Dropped

Play it. It's good.

Content Warning, the online viral video-creation game that sees teams of up to four venture into the unseen depths to film creepy shit for “SpookTube” and make bank, went absolutely viral itself when it launched on Steam earlier in the week with a 24-hour debut period where it was totally free.

Developer Landfall Games (TABS, Clustertruck) has revealed that the game was claimed by over 6 million players in that initial free window, and has gone on to peak at over 200k concurrent players. At the time of writing, it’s still going strong and sitting in the top 15 most-played games according to SteamDB, right behind the likes of Dragon’s Dogma 2 and GTA V.

Along with the good launch news, Landfall has also dropped an early patch correcting some minor issues with the game and adding in some fun new items, including a projector to watch your SpookTube vids in the garden and some noise-making gear to startle your mates with.

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Here’s what’s new in the update:

  • Added new item “Reporter Mic”
  • Added new item “Sounds Player”
  • Added new item “Party popper”
  • Added a projector in the garden
  • Adjusted prices of emotes
  • Added inverted mouse setting
  • Fixed disk being able to be duplicated if you picked it up at the same time
  • Decreased hard drive usage for recordings

If you’re yet to give Content Warning a go, it comes highly recommended. I’ve done some games with friends, but also jumped in with total strangers and found that experience to be just as engaging and hilarious. It’s simple, but effective fun that doesn’t ask for a huge amount of time to play or master but offers plenty of wacky, emergent thrills and moments of pure comedy. It may not be free any longer, but it’s only $11.79, which is less than the cost of a three-piece box from KFC.