Horizon Zero Dawn Is The Best Looking PS4 Pro Title Yet

It was clear from the get-go that Horizon Zero Dawn would be Sony’s flagship game on the PS4 Pro, but we can now confirm it. Horizon Zero Dawn is the best looking open-world game on PlayStation 4 and makes great use of the extra beef that the PlayStation 4 Pro brings.

We said in our review: “Horizon Zero Dawn’s world is an absolute joy to explore from start to finish. Seriously though, Horizon is probably the best looking game that I’ve played on PlayStation 4 Pro and takes the most advantage of HDR to-date. Everything from the beautiful scenery which constantly amazed through the various elements, weather effects and different times of the day highlights the HDR functionality of the PS4 Pro. This is especially the case in the games’ Cauldrons, which are essentially underground dungeons”

Further to this, Digital Foundry said that the game was the best 4K release yet. Performing at a locked 30FPS in both 4K and 1080p, the game was able to stream chunks of high-quality assets very quickly in a fully checkerboard 4K resolution. Further to a 4K resolution, Guerrilla has managed to push graphics even further with a Anisotropic filtering and a higher text resolution.